I'm a local youp'tee
i was born in a wells fargo bank
i have lots of money and am willing to reinvent myself to fit in with any group
including your group... for a minimal down payment and low monthly tings...
i love you



How i remember waiting
Watching storms brew
And grow
And crash
on mountaintops
Great gray clouds splitting
Pouring out sheets of ice
I remember
Watching oceans turn
Bubbling as if hell
Lay underneath
Mighty fish erupting forth
Their green black fins
A sign
I remember
Diving headlong
Embracing you
Your slight of hand
Your quick shifts
My great stutters
Words a blur a mess
Oh how I remember waiting
Patient earthquakes building
Tossing trees aside
Pulling lightening bolts from heaven
Tip toeing ever silent
Grasping loud at hand
I remember catching laughter
I remember who I am.